Claire Connolly

I am originally from Perth but after living overseas for many years I finally returned home and moved to the country.  I live in Donnybrook, Western Australia with my husband James, our two daughters, JB the Boxer dog, Chai the cat, and two chickens.  Life is good though, yes that used to say two Boxer dogs but sadly Georgy, our other boxer, died in 2017 aged 13. She was a great dog and will be remembered with love.

I am a certified Dru Yoga teacher and have been practising yoga for the last 9 years.  Dru is a graceful and potent form of yoga, based on flowing movements, directed breathing and visualisation.  With its foundations firmly set in ancient yogic tradition, Dru works on the body, mind and spirit – improving strength and flexibility, creating core stability, building heightened positive feelings, and deeply relaxing and rejuvenating your whole being.

I am also a self taught artist with no formal training just a genuine love of mixing different mediums to form varied creations that experiment with colour, texture, shape and form.  My inspiration is often derived from the natural world around me as I encounter the whimsical beauty of life.  I have recently combined my two passions in life – yoga and art, to produce a variety of products that I hope you enjoy.

Tel:  9731 2927
Mob: 0415 670 139
Email: bindigreeneyes@hotmail.com